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Fully CO2 and Corona-Free: First IACCM Global Virtual Conference: 26 June 2020

LOST IN CONNECTION? Global Virtual Teams (GVTs) in Research, Higher Education and Business

The conference will evolve around the frictions in global virtual teams and explore what is needed to reap their expected benefits.

This virtual conference promises to apply all standards of a F2F academic or pracitioner conference!

If you wish to be part of this truly interactive and completely virtual conference – here are the most important deadlines:

20.04.2020 (09:00 CET): Extended abstract submission
04.05.2020 (09:00 CET): Notification to authors
25.05.2020 (09:00 CET): Registration deadline for presenters
01.06.2020 (09:00 CET): Publication of conference program

Andrea Cnyrim • 25. März 2020

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