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Lifewide Learning – Transformations and New Connections in Postdigital Societies

conference – 29 June to 01 July 2022
by ReDICo: Researching Digital Interculturality Co-operatively

online on June 29 and the morning of June 30. 
hybrid on June 30 in the afternoon
face-to-face (exclusively) on July 1.

The effects of digitalization and technological development have transformed learning into a lifewide everyday experience in which it is impossible in many contexts to disentangle the material from the virtual. Viewing it as a “postdigital” (Cramer 2014; Knox 2019) scenario, where the digital and the material intertwine and the intersubjectivity of lifeworlds develop relatively freely in a hybrid space, this conference aims at sharing theoretical models, results from empirical research and best practices allowing to understand how lifewide learning unfolds in postdigital societies and what may be its implications.

The conference centres on three principal thematic areas:
digitally transforming learning cultures;
hybrid spaces connecting people and knowledge;
lifewide learning transforming cultures.
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Andrea Cnyrim • 21. Mai 2022

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